Monday, June 2, 2008

Stanley Cup

I am not a "by the pattern" knitter. I tend to make it up as I go. I tried my best to create a pattern. Feel free to manipulate to your needs.

Knitted Stanley Cup:

Size: about 8 inches.
Yarn: Worsted Weight Acrylic.
Needles: I used size 7 dpns.

Cast on 40 sts. Join work in the round.

Rounds 1-30:
*Knit 5 Rounds, Purl 1 Round* 5 times creating 5 bands.

Rounds 31-37
Decrease 2 sts each of the next 7 rounds. 26 sts remain. I would recommend not making the decreases in the same position each round. Scatter the decreases.

Round 38
Purl all sts.

Rounds 39-53
*Knit 4 Rounds, Purl 1 Round* 3 times

Rounds 54-58
Decrease 3 sts each round for 5 rounds. 11 sts remaining.

Round 59
Purl all sts.

Round 60-62
Knit all sts

Round 63
kfb k1 *kfb, k2* 3 times (15 sts)

Round 64
*kfb, k2* 5 times (20 sts)

Round 65
kfb k1 *kfb, k2* 5 times (25 sts)

Rounds 66-70
Knit all sts

Round 71
Bind off

I put rolled up paper to help the Cup keep its form. You could put fiber fill in it also.

If you notice any errors please let me know. I was writing this as I was watching Game 5 of the Penguins vs Red Wings series that went into triple overtime.


Specs said...

This is great, thanks!

Jennifer said...

you rock!

karlene said...

Thanks GO BRUINS!!

Sooner said...

I just made one of these. Adorable!


Kent Roy said...
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Kent Roy said...
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