Monday, March 31, 2008

Soundtrack to Project Spectrum: Fire

Since I am such a music nut I decided to search through my Itunes library to find songs/artist with fire, orange, pink, red in the title. Here are a few:
OK Go- "There's a Fire"
The New Pornographers - "Streets of Fire"
Modest Mouse - "Fire It Up"
Franz Ferdinand - "This Fire"
The Bens - "XFire"
Rymes with Orange - "Taking of David"
Rymes with Orange - "Brand New Day"
Johnny Cash - "Orange Blossom Special"
The Shins - "Red Rabbits"
Say Anything - "Yellow Cat/Red Cat"
Otis Redding - "Try a Little Tenderness"
Butch Walker and the Lets Go Out Tonites -"The Taste of Red"
Ben Folds Five - "Your Redneck Past"
AquaBats - "Red Sweater"
The Psychedelic Furs - "Pretty In Pink"

Hopefully I will be able to get an earth one out much faster.

turning the heel, turn the element

With April 1st almost here, it is time to turn to the next element: earth (greens, browns, metallics). Fire would have been my strongest element considering orange is my favorite color, I started late so I am trying to rush it. I am already in the transitional phase as most of the items I am going to be posting could both be fire and earth. First the fire: RPM sock from Knitty. I am knitting this for the SB County Fair. We'll see if I can get this done with my finger injury. As I turn the heel, doing a short row heel for the first time from the top down, we turn into earth:
So far I like this pattern. It gives the self-striping yarn a little extra umph. I have to have these done by April 18th, that shouldn't be a problem as long as by finger heals.

While the following picture was taken last year, I still have to post it as it is a transitional picture. I could not go through fire without posting a picture of my Tangerine Metallic Honda Element in its element in the Sierra Nevadas. Its a gorgeous picture. Hopefully I will get another picture like this in the summer.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am joining project spectrum

I used to be a blogger. I would blog multiple times a day. Maybe it was in between class boredom in college, an excuse not to work on a programming assignment but I was obsessed with blogging. Once I got into the work force, I stopped.

I making myself a promise to blog more often. Just a way to express myself outside of work. So here we go.

I decided to participate in Project Spectrum. My knitting mojo is coming back so I will try to show more of those photos as I get them uploaded. Here some photos fitting the fire element of project spectrum. These were taken 3-21-08 at the Huntington Library.