Sunday, June 1, 2008

envy of all those who write

I am not a writer. I might have been one many years ago but college ruined it. I have some super funny stories from when I was younger. I was a story teller. Being an only child, I had a very active imagination. I had an imaginary grandmother and my grandpa was Phil Collins (I think in recent years he married someone my age. Also, Phil if you are reading, I was never implying that you were old, I just loved Genesis). I miss my imagination.

Well, back to the present. I am currently working on some project specs for my job. I sat down at my computer and opened up the template. I realized that I haven't had to write anything beyond code in such a long time and now I was being asked to write a document that the end user would have to understand. When I read the rough draft for this document, I was mortified. The grammar was horrible. Also you could hear "me" in my writing. It was hard to take what I consider my language out of the document.

I believe that the internet has to be partially blamed for my professional writing taking such a horrible turn. Instant messaging made LOL a common part of our vocabulary. The social networking sites emphasize "individuality", so their common slang comes through on their pages, message, tags, etc. I really am considering taking a writing 101 class because this could be a big problem down the line.

I still envy those who are able to make their blogs sound professional while still being able to hear their voice. Hopefully with practice I can become one of those writers.

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