Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st is the best day ever

October. This month always brings up memories of Halloweens past or the Oak Glen apple orchards. This year it has taken on another meaning. I am doing Socktoberfest. It makes sense with my sock stash busting I am trying to do.

I will be working on my Ziggys made out of Noro. I am currently working on the second sock. I was actually proud of myself that the sock fit. This is my first color work project so I was hoping I would not make it too tight. Sock 1 is good.
When I finish that one, I will move on to my unfinished Pomatomus. I have the leg of one sock completed. Hopefully I can figure out where I left off.
My life is not only socks at the moment. I have been working on scarves for my boyfriend's sister who is currently studying in Paris. She requested more soft scarves. I have one completed and another one is half way done. Pictures will be coming soon.
I was bad today. The Yarn Deli was celebrating their birthday. I ended up going over there and bought way too much yarn. I really want to knit a vest for some reason. Hopefully part of my purchase will help me reach that goal.

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